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What is a connection?
A connection is a single connection to an data-source account.

For example, Simon sets up a connection to 2 Google Analytics properties (www.nike.com and www.ebay.com) and 1 Facebook ads account (Nike Facebook Ads).
This is 3 connections. Simon can use these connections for setting up as many reports and alerts as he wants.

For agency pricing, how do you define a Client Account?
A Client account is defined as being a unique Google property. If you are an agency, likely you will have a single Google property per client.
You may have as many websites or views configured against a property, such as 'All data'.
Similarly, you may create reports and alerts against any website or view within a single property, and it will not increment your client account.

Do you offer a free tier?
No, our basic packages starts at $9 per month.
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