Stackcommerce Lifetime Starter Tier redemption instructions

Note : Lifetime deal keys are qualified at a per website level. If you plan to connect multiple websites/views, you need to purchase multiple keys
The STARTER TIER gives you access to full reporting in Slack, Teams, Email connecting to Google Analytics.
For connections to Facebook, Ads or Search Console please take out a REPORTS PLAN Subscription. For access to alerts, please subscribe to a monthly plan.

Redemption instructions:

Purchase your key
Once purchased, you will be given a link such as
Enter that your URL into your browser to start the process

Sign in with your Google Account credentials
You will then be asked to sign in with your Google credentials. Please choose a Google login, that has access to your Google Analytics account.

Continue with our onboarding process

Select the Google view that you wish to assign your Lifetime key to:

Note: if you want to connect to multiple websites, and have multiple keys, you will be able to enter multiple keys at this part of the process.

Click 'Finish' and enjoy the service!

Updated on: 17/03/2021

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